Case Study

Health Officers Association of California (HOAC)

State government, Healthcare

Business Need:
The Health Officers for the State of California was seeking a real-time collaboration and communication system that could be utilized during a natural or bioterrorist-type emergency. The system had to support real-time voice-over-IP (VoIP), video, still imaging, whiteboard and application sharing. It had to be functional both in a connected and cellular wireless environment since field officers would have to collaborate with doctors throughout the state.

Direct Technology worked with Verizon Communications to create a unique infrastructure that reliably linked the health officers through wireless, VoIP and landline vehicles for real-time interaction. To enhance the collaboration paradigm, Direct Technology developed a secure custom portal to integrate features such as discussion forums, document libraries, calendar of events, secure chatting and ad-hoc meetings. Health officers now have the ability to send real-time images, voice and data directly from the field (where the emergency situation is occurring) while collaborating with other doctors distributed throughout the state.