Case Study

California Human Development Corporation (CHDC)

State government Business

The CHDC runs a variety of extremely complex state and federal government programs which include strict eligibility and fiscal management rules. CHDC was running their business manually which required tremendous amounts of paperwork to be routed from remote offices to the central office to validate eligibility and provide its clients with services. Delays caused the company time, money and negatively impacted their ability to provide timely social services that included housing, food, training and work placement.

Direct Technology developed a customized workflow automation solution on the Web. Using intelligent forms, case workers simply complete a generic application and the system automatically identifies and validates eligibility to all government programs. The case worker can now enroll the client immediately into the appropriate program, disburse support payments and develop a comprehensive long-term assistance plan. By implementing the Direct Technology custom solution, CHDC was able to drastically improve their internal operations.