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At Direct Technology, we understand
that people drive technology -- not the
other way around. We know technology
is supposed to make our lives easier and
our work more productive. We believe,
in the age of machines, humans make
all the difference. That’s why we focus
on serving the human side of tech.


More than ever before in history,
we are interconnected. Physical boundaries
have evaporated, and the world’s
information is as close as the Cloud.
In this always-on, always-connected
world, Direct Technology’s mission is to
fulfill the promise of technology --
ensuring systems enable people
to work together for greater impact.

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We say what we mean and do what we say.
We’re a local, veteran-owned company, and
we care about our community, our neighbors,
and the hard-working business owners
around us. We treat our clients and partners
like we’d want people to treat our family.
We build what clients need, and not more or
less. Our approach is to combine tried and
true technology with the latest techniques.
That’s #BluejeansIT.


One of our primary businesses is
Software as a Service (SaaS) to improve
Energy Efficiency, so we’re green to
the core. We help utility and energy
company program managers with
analytics on efficiency in more
than 20 states. This business focus
inspires sustainable practices in our
offices, and employee initiatives to
conserve our environment.


Join the human side.

Be a part of the #1 IT Consulting firm (and #11 Fastest Growing Company) in the Sacramento area.

Our History

1996: Founded in the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Founder Fred Michanie and a partner, both former Intel developers, design and deploy an online solution for CalOES to track and report on emergency calls in order to help safety officials improve emergency response. With this project, an Argentine immigrant fulfills the American Dream, and DirectApps, Inc. is born.

2006: New Milestones of Growth

Now working solo, Fred brings on two new partners, Air Force Veteran Rick Nelson and former Green Beret John Sercu, to grow the business. Together, they carve a niche in innovative, fully-online solutions for existing business problems. The partners also acquire a Seattle-based staffing agency to fill teams for larger projects.

2008: Direct Apps Evolves into Direct Technology

To reflect the company's new direction and expanded offerings, the Direct Technology brand is born. This comes with a new mission and vision: To fulfill the promise of technology, and to give people more responsibility and opportunities to grow their careers faster than anywhere else. 

2011: ESG Sparks Change

With the launch of our Energy Solutions Group (ESG), Direct Technology takes up the fight for national energy efficiency. Working with utilities, reporting agencies, and other energy organizations, our Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP) simplifies everything about EE and DSM program management.

2011: ECaTS Answers the Call

Remember that first breakout project Fred did? With Rick and John's sales acumen, that initial public safety solution develops into our first nationally reaching flagship product: the first ever fully-online Emergency Call Tracking System, or ECaTS, which now helps save lives in over 30 states.  

Jan 2016: GovSolutions Takes Office

The age of digital transformation hits government, and we go back to our roots. With Davood Ghods, who spent over 20 years working for the State of California (including a term as Chief of the Office of Technology), we start up our government practice to expand our public-sector offerings from tried-and-true SaaS solutions to end-to-end IT consulting.

Aug 2016: The Coolest Office Around. Officially.

Sacramento Business Journal ranks Direct Technology as one of the coolest offices to work in in the Sacramento area - how could they not? With game tables, a popcorn machine, a keg, and a passion for wellness and charitable events, our office culture buzzes with more energy every year.

Jan 2017: IT Services Expands Their Network

With increasing demand in all industries for contract IT expertise, Direct Technology's internal IT team expands and creates a division to bring infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, and managed services to new external clients. Since then, we have been the running champion for the Sacramento Business Journal's #1 IT Consulting Firm award. 

June 2017: ECaTS Spreads its Wings

Direct Technology's very first project, all grown up and poised for further growth, sells for $80 million to West Corp. It's a bittersweet moment, but allows every ECaTS employee and the software itself to gain new potential and opportunity for success.

June 2018: Sacramento's 11th Fastest Growing Company

Thanks to major wins by Direct Technology employees and explosive growth in new markets like EE, government, and IT services, we're named among the fastest growing companies in the region - and it only gets better from here.

Our Leaders


Daniel Konieczny

Chief Executive Officer

Damion Walkup 2.5

Damion Walkup

Chief Technology Officer

Kristen Cropped

Kristen Long

Vice President, HR


Kyle Keyser

Vice President, Gov. Solutions

Ross Cropped

Ross Gotwals


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