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Diverse Resources. Specialized Expertise.

When the job is mission-critical, you don't need legions of consultants and layers of management. You need a Rapid Response team that has targeted expertise and experience, understands the urgency, and gets the job done.
Direct Technology's agility stems from incubating a variety of specialized technical services - all under one efficient operational structure - to harness the resources of multiple companies at once.
Our Government Solutions division, with 25 years of providing IT services to the State of California, has the specific expertise for, and sole responsibility of, delivering these varied capabilities to public entities.
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Health & Public Safety

Powered by ECaTS and NuWest

The best data partner is the company that's used data analytics for health and public safety since its inception. We built the platform that tracks and reports on over 40% of all emergency calls in the U.S. in near-real time, and our NuWest division is one of two preferred vendors trusted by the federal government for Rapid Response healthcare staffing.

Deep audit, traceability, and diagnostic capabilities to ensure accuracy and compliance.

HIPAA Compliance and PII Protection

Privacy is a top concern for any data-related government project, but it's especially vital when it involves medical or personally identifiable information (PII).

Direct Technology and its related services have worked with public agencies, educational institutions, and hospitals across the country since 1995. We are extremely experienced with HIPAA compliance (our NuWest division is also JCAHO certified) and PII privacy and security via safeguards, authentication and role-based access.

Xconomy, a science and tech news website, wrote about Direct Technology's project with Dendreon (an individualized at-home immunotherapy service) that required speed, agility, and medical data protection:

Data Analytics Platform

Powered by Snowflake & ESG

Getting ahead of the curve has never been more important. But without data, how do you decide what’s next? We help you get your arms around the data by modeling it into useful intelligence - helping federal, state, and local officials make informed, proactive decisions.

Decades of experience building efficient and flexible data reporting and analytics capabilities at scale for federal, state and local health departments.

Data Visualization

Powered by Launch & Level 11

How can you see correlations and opportunities that your data holds? Unlock the transformational power of data visualization. See data from multiple sources and interfaces in one preferred, easily digestible format.

Agnostic platform ingests and standardizes multiple data formats to interface with existing & new systems utilizing different protocols.

Meet the Data Experts You'll Work With

Nate McQueen | Director of Cloud Development, Data, & Integration

Charlene Coleman | Partner & Sr. Director of AI & Analytics

Meet Snowflake

Our partner Snowflake delivers a premiere cloud-based data platform as a service. Their platform is designed with a patented new architecture to be the centerpiece for data pipelines, data warehousing, data lakes, data application development, and for building data exchanges to easily and securely share governed data. Snowflake is a clear leader in the Cloud Data Warehouse landscape, with no other competitor coming close to matching cost, functionality, or ease of use.

Our Launch division earned the Snowflake 2019 Technology Solution Partner "Rookie of the Year" award for collaborating with Snowflake on an innovative solution for a Fortune 50 client. This award places Launch in a very select group of data-centered companies including AWS, FiveTran, Microsoft, Looker, and Tableau.

Let's accelerate the human side of data analytics.