Projected average global cost of a cybercrime attack by 2021

How much are you willing to risk?

Nearly 60% of small and medium businesses hit by a cyberattack close their doors within 6 months. With over 375 million new unique malware variants in a single year, and 76% of all scanned websites showing vulnerabilities, it seems impossible to get ahead of cyber criminals. We'll help lock down your data, secure your systems, and train your employees to keep your business safe. Start building your cyber strategy and protection plan now, so you can rest secured.

Case study

Getting Rid of Ransomware

Most companies never expect to be the victims of a cyberattack. But ransomware is insidious and undiscerning, striking even the smallest, most unlikely victims. Last year, companies lost almost $1 billion to ransomware. And it strikes close to home.

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Recently, a Sacramento-area building restoration company experienced a ransomware attack that completely encrypted and locked down all of the business’s files—many of which were not backed up. The company’s leadership called us after hours, and we deployed an engineer immediately to the company site to diagnose and mitigate the problem. The engineer then worked with the company to develop a new strategy for backup and disaster recovery, as well as ongoing IT security and maintenance.

Upon arriving onsite, our first priority was locating the problem and preventing the virus from spreading further. The engineer recognized the virus as a variation of the CryptoLocker ransomware trojan and quickly removed network access for the servers and shut them down. From that point, the online security community took over searching for the ransomware encryption key, and we turned our focus to disaster recovery and getting the company’s employees back to work.

Business Impact

We devised new strategies for recovery/replacement, backup procedures, and enhanced IT security measures.

Recovery/Replacement Strategy: replaced the servers, firewall, and antivirus, and migrated certain data and processes to the cloud, built the company a new domain network and reengineered their entire environment to be more secure.

Backup/Restore Strategy: devised a backup and disaster recovery strategy for the future, making recommendations for both new policies and equipment. If an attack or data loss happens in the future, we will be able to restore and get the company back to work with less than a day of disruption.

Security/Maintenance Strategy: identified the entry point as a vendor account and worked with the leadership to create a more robust security and equipment maintenance strategy that limited access and trained employees on security roles.

A layered approach to cybersecurity

An agile, modern cybersecurity strategy covers all possible entry points. Our six layers of defense give your team the tools you need to turn strategy into action.

The Human Layer

The Human Layer

User Education

Phishing Testing

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security


Spam Filter & Email Security

MFA - Multifactor Authentication

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Network Security

Network Security

IDS/IPS - intrusion detection, intrusion prevention (service)

Wifi Access Control

Remote Access Control

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security


Patch Management

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Application Security

Application Security


SSO - Single Sign On

Two step authentication, 2-step Verification SMS code password concept. Smartphone with special 2FA software and tablet pc with multi-factor authentication safety and secure login form.

Data Security

Data Security

Email Backups


Drive Encryption

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Embrace the Human Side of Cybersecurity