Managed Detection & Response

Round the Clock Vigilence

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines industry-leading detection and prevention technologies with a modern 24-hour security operation center (SOC).

Cybersecurity Has a Resource Problem

60% of small and medium-sized business shut down after a cyber attack.

Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to grow and maintain a Security Operations team. Lack of experts on the job market and the cost to hire and train them often lead to security projects being pushed aside and increased risk of severe attacks.

We Have Affordable Solutions

Without resources, it's hard to defend multiple fronts -- so we have your back. We team with businesses of all sizes to help you manage and track down the threats of today, while helping you prepare for tomorrow.

Four-Phase Defense Plan

Risk Assessment

Looking for a good place to start? Our Risk Scanner ™ external vulnerability detector looks for holes in your network, where malicious outsiders can break in and attack your network. This provides a view of your organization’s defenses from the outside, and prioritizes any risks in order of severity (impact, solution, exploitability, associated malware, and more) for a keen understanding of your security posture.


cybersecurity layered defense - direct technology

Layered Defense Planning

Direct Technology uses a six-point layered defense plan to help you design and implement a resilient environment. We start with the Human Layer as the first line of defense, then delve deeper into the Perimeter, Network, Endpoint, Application, and Data Layers for a comprehensive plan. This approach is tailored to your unique requirements and requirements.

cybersecurity readiness - direct technology

Employee Security Readiness

Deputize your employees to be the first line of defense. We know the Human Side of security is vital to a resilient business. Our program proactively prepares employees to guard against spearphishing and protect company information, with ongoing testing and training.


cybersecurity managed detection and response- direct technology

Managed Detection & Response

Complement your in-house Security Operations with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. Within days, you’ll have protected by 24x7 monitoring of your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help you detect, respond, and recover from modern cyber-attacks.  



A layered approach to cybersecurity

An agile, modern cybersecurity strategy covers all possible entry points. Our six layers of defense give your team the tools you need to turn strategy into action.

The Human Layer

The Human Layer

User Education

Phishing Testing

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Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security


Spam Filter & Email Security

MFA - Multifactor Authentication

Barb wire fence at dusk - protection of Warsaw airport area (Poland).

Network Security

Network Security

IDS/IPS - intrusion detection, intrusion prevention (service)

Wifi Access Control

Remote Access Control

Remote work concept. Working at home. Telework.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security


Patch Management

Man installing software in laptop in dark at night. Hacker loading illegal program or guy downloading files. Cyber security, piracy or virus concept.

Application Security

Application Security


SSO - Single Sign On

Two step authentication, 2-step Verification SMS code password concept. Smartphone with special 2FA software and tablet pc with multi-factor authentication safety and secure login form.

Data Security

Data Security

Email Backups


Drive Encryption

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