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Exponential Growth

Why It Matters and How to Implement It

“Incremental is satisfied with 10% growth. Exponential is out for 10X.”

Mark Boncheck, Harvard Business Review

Adoption of new technology has accelerated through the years in an exponential way, making growth that used to take 20 years to accrue manifest in a matter of months. Growing right along with tech? Our expectations for it. Faster, smoother, simpler, more personal: That's what citizens want. And that means we need exponential government.

In order to fulfill the mission of serving their communities, government tech must accelerate with — or even ahead of — the curve and meet the citizens where, when, and how they need it. So how does a government agency (often grappling with tight budgets, aging infrastructure, and competing citizen and political priorities) move through modernization and to acceleration?

Find out in our six-part series on exponential leadership below.

Exponential Change Begins with Exponential Leadership

Discover Salim Ismail's 6 Characteristics of Exponential Leaders

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Visionary Customer Advocacy

If customers see their needs and desires being attended to at the highest levels, they are much more willing to persevere through the chaos and experimentation that often happens with exponential growth.

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Extreme Adaptability
Coronavirus Edition

Government leaders are responsible for navigating and mitigating one of the greatest peacetime crises in history.


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Data-Driven Experimentalism

To create order out of high-speed chaos requires a process-oriented approach that is ultimately nimble and scalable.

Embankment dam The drain was not overflowing the spring way.

Radical Openness

4 Steps to Leading with Radical Openness During Tumultuous Times

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Optimistic Realism

“Leaders who are able to articulate a positive outcome through any scenario, even downside scenarios, will be able to help maintain objectivity within their teams.” 

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Everything you need to accelerate your agency's digital transformation - even during the pandemic.

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