Welcome Kyle Keyser, Sr. Director

PMP, Scrum master, AND an aviation buff? We're thrilled to have Kyle on board.

Meet the man at the crossroads of global airport security, oenophilia, and exponential government.

Direct Technology’s Government Solutions Group recently added Senior Director Kyle Keyser to their ranks. A PMP and Certified Scrum Master, Kyle brings 10 years of accomplished security and defense experience, as well as a strong drive for government growth.

Originally from Santa Cruz, Kyle's first job out of college was with a startup that built the first airport body scanner. He created the company’s training department and traveled the world, training government teams to use the scanner. (His favorite destination? Bogotá.) "Then the shoe bomber incident occurred," said Kyle, "and business, uh, exploded." For the next few years, he managed and coordinated body scanner deployment to all state departments and airports. It’s something he’s extremely proud of: "I got to bring it to fruition. I got to bring it to the world and help make everybody safer." His enthusiasm is palpable and infectious. "[The scanner] was cardboard when I was hired, and I brought it to the global landscape."

But in 2016, weary of the road and with a family at home, Kyle transitioned into government consulting in Sacramento. That’s where he encountered the Direct Technology team, including CEO Dan Konieczny, VP of GovSolutions (and former Chief of OTech) Davood Ghods, and IT Director Nick Saechow. "I came home from that meeting," said Kyle, "looked at my wife, and told her: I am going to work for that company someday."

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Meet up with Kyle in downtown Sac!

He'll be at Temple Coffee (1010 9th St.) from 1:30 to 3:00pm on Wednesday, September 11th, to talk shop or antique airplanes with anyone who would like to meet him in person. Come say hello!
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Kyle believes strongly that the world comes full circle, that things fall into place. "The ‘place’ clicked three years ago," he said. "I knew someday, somehow, I’d end up at Direct Technology. And the right opportunity transpired. I’m very thankful for that." And he’s arrived at the office eager to dive right in and accelerate exponential growth in public agencies across the nation.

Outside the office, Kyle and his family are usually, well, outside. He, his wife of 11 years, and their two young sons love to camp, hike, and cycle. Minus the boys, the Keysers are very involved in the wine industry. "I love to study wine. With wine, you usually get to meet the person who makes it and can teach you about it. It’s a really cool art form and certainly a fun hobby," he averred.

Fun fact: He’s also an aviation enthusiast, specifically interested in vintage aircraft from the turn of the century through the World Wars. "I’m not a pilot, though,” he confessed. One day, perhaps: "My wife says that once the kids are through college and the life insurance policy is maxed out—then I can go for it."

In the meantime, he’s excited to be on the ground floor of this next growth phase of Direct Technology’s GovSolutions. Concluded Kyle: "Life’s too short to be stressed 24/7. I look at the big picture and realize how cool of a place I work in and live in, how thankful I am for the people around me. I’m very much looking forward to a long career here."

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