Public Safety Data Solutions

Public Safety Data Solutions

Real-time data collection, reporting, and analysis
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Data-Led Public Safety

Make your public safety decisions with real-time data.

Do you ever wish you could consolidate scattered and manual data collection points no matter the scale?

What if you could view large amounts of individually tracked data, broken down for custom analysis in Real-Time?

Well, you're in luck because you've landed on the website run by people who have been creating data solutions for state government emergency systems since 1996.

It all started with Cal OES

Learn how the california office of emergency services built the solution adopted by 40% of PSAPs nationally.

Scaleable Location Intelligence

Collect Data Efficiently. At Any Scale.

Intelligent Spaces link any physical environment, from small organizational teams to large civilian interaction structures, to digital inputs such as distancing guidelines, personnel tracking, and cleaning protocols.

The spaces sense changing conditions and help humans to interact with their surroundings in safer, more comfortable ways.

  • Operational Command and Control system
  • Real-time and Historical Location Tracking
  • Safety Assembly and Monitoring
  • Safety & Sanitation Monitoring
  • Wayfinding

What Do Theme Parks, cruise ships, and Coffee Shops have in common?

Their customer's safety is #1, They rely on real-time data to make effective decisions, & They use the same tech.
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Meet Our Data & Public Safety Team. 

All operating under one GSA, you get the right Data and Public Safety experts from our family of brands.
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Our Government Solutions division, with 25 years of providing technical solutions to the State of California, has the specific expertise for, and sole responsibility of, delivering these varied capabilities to public entities.

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Originally founded to support the internal needs IT of Direct Technology and our affiliates, IT Services has grown to be the backbone of many Public and Private Sector organizations. A trusted and knowledgeable partner to multiple of California's Public Safety Agencies. 
Launch builds data, AI, and software solutions for enterprise-level organizations. Their strength lies in their ability to adapt to scale any solution for any organization. 
Level 11 creates real-time data solutions for interactive environments. Disney Land and Carnival Cruises use their solutions to keep customers safe and happy.

Data Visualization


How can you see correlations and opportunities that your data holds? Unlock the transformational power of data visualization. See data from multiple sources and interfaces in one preferred, easily digestible format.

Data Analytics Platform

Powered by LAUNCH & LEVEL11

Getting ahead of the curve has never been more important. But without data, how do you decide what’s next? We help you get your arms around the data by modeling it into useful intelligence - helping federal, state, and local officials make informed, proactive decisions.

Decades of experience building efficient and flexible data reporting and analytics capabilities at scale for federal, state and local health departments.

Let's Embrace the human side of Safety & data analytics.