Risk Scanner

Risk Scanner

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Scan your organization from the outside

First, an external vulnerability scan looks for holes in your network, where malicious outsiders can break in and attack your network. This provides a view of your organization’s defenses from the outside.

Scans include: TCP/IP/UDP, Remote Services, Web Server, Host Scan, SSL, XSS, DNS, Malware Vulnerability, and more.

Understand your risk severity

Next, vulnerabilities are individually ranked in order of risk severity with each threat meticulously detailed based on the impact, solution, exploitability, associated malware, and more. This gives you a keen understanding of your security position.

confidently take the next step

Our Risk Scanner team then gives you their recommendations on the best next steps. Whether it’s “keep up the good work!” or “oh snap...there’s work to do,” we’ll detail your best next steps to protect your organization from cyber criminals.

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