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ECaTS Emergency Call Tracking System

ECaTS 9-1-1 Emergency Call Tracking and analytics

State Government, Public Safety

The California 9-1-1 Program Office was tasked with the responsibility for determining whether 9-1-1 Call Center operations in the state were meeting their level of service requirements as dictated by the state legislator for ring times, talk times, hold times, transfers, etc. They had no means of determining level of service other than contacting the call centers for the information.

Direct Technology assisted in the design, development and implementation of a call data records management information system, implementing a system for the collection, buffering and delivery of emergency call data records captured at the call centers. Direct Technology installed data collectors/diverters at each call center, directing the information to communications servers and data repository in Sacramento. Direct Technology then designed, developed and implemented a Web interface and methodology for providing real time call data record reports to the 9-1-1 Program Office.

Designation: California 9-1-1 Program Office