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Vimotely is an interactive video tool that empowers organizations to conduct remote inspections, assessments, technical support via smart-hands, verifications, and on-the-job training.

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Embrace the new norm of Virtual Outreach.

COVID-19 has compelled every business to accelerate its digital transformation. With Virtual Verification, Powered by Vimotely, utilities and partners can adapt rebate verification services to a physically-distanced world and improve communications throughout the cycle. With this solution, business speeds forward and program participation stays on track - while keeping customers, contractors, and your team safer.

Our Objectives

Revolutionize and streamline field verifications using high definition video and user-friendly technology.

Significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with on-site inspections and verifications.

Creating Impact Together

Safer customer experience equals more people in your market using your EE programs

No commute for contractors means more customers "visited" per day - with less overhead

Centralized team communication tools create more collaborative, more efficient processes

What does Virtual Verification include?

No need for in-home visits or high tech software. Easily launch virtual inspections without having to install any apps

Consolidate Verification video, customer address, information, and visit notes all in one searchable secured folder structure for all inspections and assessments

Collaborate effectively with contractors, employees, and customers by annotating videos with notes. You will easily be able to collect contractor & customer input with embedded questionnaires

Ensure successful implementation and continued use with Technical Support standing by to assist your inspectors or field contractors at any time.

  • Protected content at rest and in-flight
  • Signed URLS for streaming & content delivery
  • Restricted access and delivery options
  • Multi-factor Authentication Options
  • ADA compliance

Get your contractors back to work

Energize your customers with Virtual Verification.